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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From the WTF Files #1

NaBloPoMo Day 14

Sometimes I run across things that can't possibly be serious, but are. I mentally file those away in the "WTF File." (WTF = What the, um... fudge)

Yesterday afternoon I encountered something that made it right to the top of the list. I was driving to a business appointment, and right off the freeway was a billboard for tires. The WTF-factor was called into play because it was for scented tires.

All together now: WTF?

And it's serious. I did a little looking on the net and found a news item and mention on the manufacturer's site. What I don't understand is what the target market is. Are there really people out there who make a habit of sniffing the tires on their car? And the scent is activated by heat. Which means that the lavender scent won't be detectable when the car is sitting in the garage unless it's just pulled in from a trip. Additionally, lavender is a relaxant in aromatherapy. Do we really need to make cars smell like something that will make drivers drowsy?


Lugosi said...

Coincidentally, I use a tire-scented aftershave, so this would work out well in my case.

chefann said...

That makes me giggle like the character in your av. :)

And it sounds like a good Christmas present for Car Guy. (Although he'd also be happy with a 30" Cinema Display from Apple.)