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Friday, November 23, 2007


NaBloPoMo day 23

Thanksgiving was a big success! Hooray! Car Guy's family seemed slightly confused by the non traditional dinner at first, but soon got into the hang of it. I've got one whole dish of crab dip prepped that wasn't baked and eaten, but I'll take it to my mom's today.

There is one thing that happened yesterday that just boggles my mind. Diesel, our 4-year-old nephew, brought DVDs with him in his toy bag. He and his parents were fairly insistent that he be allowed to watch one on our TV, so we put one in for him. Then he threw a fit when we wanted to turn it off so we could visit. It makes me feel really old to say this, but back when I was a kid, there was no way something like that would have been tolerated. The boy also apparently cannot just SIT on the couch when watching TV. He had to be climbing all over people, almost kicking the glasses and crystal on the coffee table. I'm choosing to view it as another reason Car Guy and I don't have any kids.

My plan for today is to do some visiting. No shopping for me, except maybe to get some chips to go with the crab dip. If you were out shopping today, I hope you survived the crowds OK and got everything from your list. If you still have a list, may I suggest purchasing from one of the many fine artisans at Etsy, starting with me.

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