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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not what they meant

So I'm looking through the circulars and coupons in the Sunday paper, and a title on one ad in the coupon booklet strikes me as particularly funny. It says:

NEW Cat and Dog Recipes from Company*

I know what they meant, which is that they have new flavors, or recipes, of their cat and dog foods. But that's sure not how it sounds. Especially when Car Guy and I have a saying about cats: So many cats, so few recipes. (We're kidding! We'd never eat a cat - too stringy.)

You'd think that a big company like this one would be able to afford a good proofreader to make sure that the real message is conveyed in their ads. Maybe I'll write to them and ask for their cookbook of dog and cat recipes, since the ad doesn't include any.

What stupid things have you seen around town lately?

* Company name has been omitted to protect the stupid.

1 comment:

Lugnuts said...

Would you like to contribute to my new cookbook I'm working on?

It's going to be titled, "101 Ways to Wok Your Dog."