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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apparently, they're optional

There's a section of roadway that I take on my way in to work that's under construction. In the short construction zone, there are 2 traffic signals. They are fully functional, not covered up like signals frequently are in work zones. Because they're hanging properly and actually cycling through the lights, I obey them. Unless I read differently in the Michigan traffic code, any functioning signal must be obeyed.

I guess other people don't see it that way.

TWICE this morning, people drove right through them - one driver through each intersection.

Now, the first one was arguably legal, because going through is akin to turning right on red, which is legal in Michigan. OK. I'll cut that driver some slack. But the second one clearly wasn't OK, because it was a straight shot for us, we were the main roadway though a "T" intersection, with the minor road coming in from our left. Perhaps that driver throught that because the minor road is closed comletely (and therefore had no traffic) that the light didn't count.


12 miles later, I'm off the freeway and back on surface streets, in the central business district. And some yahoo blatantly runs a red.

Right after I saw a pedestrian jaywalking.

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