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Friday, October 26, 2007

De-lurk day - Here's a topic, discuss.

Rather than have another rant about the idiot drivers on the roads today (what is wrong with people?), I decided to pose a question, to get you, my gentle readers, to come out of the woodwork.

The background

Detroit has 3 casinos. When they opened, several years ago, they were all in "temporary" locations, and were supposed to have permanent casinos with attached hotels built in time for the Super Bowl. You know, the one that was held in Detroit in February 2006. Because of the idiocy of the city council and some of the movers and shakers on the Detroit business and political scenes, the casinos are just now completing their permanent locations. One opened earlier this month, another was scheduled for November 1, but will be delayed by several weeks because of non-delivery of furniture, and the third is still building. In an effort to attract patrons, the third casino has changed their billboards around town to emphasize some of their new features. The one I pass on the drive in to work says

Are you ready for it?

New Parking Structure

I'm not a big patron of casinos, but I'd think that the atmosphere, buffet and number of tables would play a much bigger part in one's decision about where to blow one's hard-earned money than the fact that one's car will be sitting on newer concrete than at the other 2 places. Especially because they already have covered, guarded, attached parking in 2 other structures.

The question

What bizarre or illogical signs have you seen around town lately?

Post your answer in the comments.

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