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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did you just finish dinner? You're lucky.

I was going to post something silly today, but then something that someone said at my cooking show last night struck a chord with me. We'll get back to silly tomorrow.

One of the great fringe benefits to being a consultant with "Spoiled Cook" (rhymes with "Hampered Jeff") is the opportunity we have as consultants to make a difference in the world. Not just by getting families together over mealtime, or helping other people become consultants so they can realize their dreams. But helping people who really need the help, through the charitable programs coordinated through our Home Office.

Following my usual show routine, I mentioned the current program last night. There are 2 parts: a special product, from which $2 is directed to the main offices of America's Second Harvest to be distributed as they see fit, and an opportunity to round order totals up to the next dollar (or more), with that extra money going to the local Second Harvest food bank. Here in the Detroit area, that's Gleaners, a large organization that helps thousands of metro Detroiters each day. Unfortunately for Gleaners, the poor economy in Michigan is hitting them with a double whammy: fewer people making monetary donations and more people in need of their services. A guest last night mentioned that there was a newspaper article recently about their plight. (Note: I haven't had a chance to look for it, but I will! And I'll post it here.)

As you've no doubt noticed, winter is coming. In northern climes, that increases the drain on food programs as people on fixed incomes are forced to choose whether to spend their money on heat or on food. You can make a difference, though. Make a donation to your local food bank. They're always in need of high-protein foods and other items that are considered "powerhouses:" peanut butter, canned tuna, canned chicken, stew, etc. But you can make a bigger difference. How? Rather than donate food, write a check for the amount you were planning to spend on food and send it straight to the food bank. They buy in bulk and can leverage discounts to get more food for the same money.

For more information, visit Gleaners online.

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