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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ugh. Another day at work.

Ick ick ick. Another day, another 50 cents (we're in a bad economic place, here in Michigan). I've got things to work on, but just don't feel like doing them. Why can't people follow directions, so I don't have to send their resume back to them 3 or 4 times to get corrections?

And to make things even worse, I almost hit 3 separate pedestrians with my car on my way in this morning. I was a few minutes earlier than usual, and it was raining, so it was quite dark. I've determined that Detroiters don't like to use crosswalks, and they assume that every car on the road can and will stop for any and all pedestrians, whether they're in a crosswalk or not. Do you know how hard it is to see someone who's walking across an unlit street in the middle of the block, wearing dark clothes? And there were crosswalks - at signals - 15 feet or less from each offender.

Brainless pedestrians aside, I managed to get to work without incident. But now I'm (obviously) surfing the net instead of working on the 2 resumes that are waiting for me. And I'd so much rather be home today. There's packing to be done for another cooking show tonight. Luckily, I'm demoing the same menu as last week's show, so I don't need to reinvent the wheel, just make sure everything is clean and I've got consumables (catalogs, etc.)

I hope your day today is more productive than mine promises to be.


Rae Bates said...

Gee, Ann, another cup of coffee and your aim would have been better on those pedestrians. Better luck next time. :)

chefann said...

You're silly, Rae! They would have totally banged up the front of my car, and then where would I be? Have a great trip this weekend! I promise to not let things get too crazy around CS while you're gone. :)