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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Medicinal additive?

So today I'm doing my usual Sunday routine - parked on the couch, playing a computer game, with the TV on for noise. And a commercial comes on for a painkiller, featuring supposed employees of the company commenting on how much love they put into every bottle of painkiller X.

I may be naive, but isn't it bad to have any foreign substances in medication? When I reach for a bottle of medicine because I've got a killer headache, the last thing I want in there is LOVE - just give me the effing medicine!

Here's a list of other things that don't need to be in my medicine cabinet:

  • fluffy animals
  • rainbows
  • fairy dust
  • leprechauns and other mythical/magical beasts
  • happiness
  • sunshine
  • smiles
  • hugs and kisses

By the way, I don't need any of that stuff in my cereal boxes either (although printed on the cardboard is a completely different story).

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