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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Someone didn't think that one through

Ever wonder what marketers are thinking? Or "not thinking," as the case may be.

Yesterday I went out shopping for a few things to round out my wardrobe. You know, to fill in the holes from items that have been discarded due to wear, stains, etc. It's a good thing I didn't go last weekend, because I got a coupon via email from my favorite store, good for both money off, AND a percentage off when using the store credit card. Woo-hoo! Plus, there was a sale going on and many fall items were marked down. Super!

I got several sweaters and things, and saved a bunch, but that's not what was interesting about the trip. They had a rack of jeans by a famous design house. OK- that's cool, a trendy company is finally making clothes in plus sizes. Great. Now even we chubbies can be a little trendy and go with the times. The problem I have is that this company is known for splashing part of their name across the pockets in metallic embroidery. And does a woman who wears a size 20 really need "Phat" across her ass?

1 comment:

Rae Bates said...

Ann, I've known for a long time that we were long lost sisters of the soul. This just confirms it. And, frankly, even if you're a bit smaller than a size 20, you really don't need that across your backside.

The funny thing is I was walking behind a fluffy woman this morning with an intricate design on her jean pockets. I was thinking, "Honey, that's not really where you want to draw the attention."