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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another dud

NaBloPoMo day 28

Gee, anyone would think I don't have a life. At least when the quality of my posts is considered. Honestly, I'm trying to stay away from the boring minutae, like what I had for lunch (a kid-size organic energy bar). Problem is, there's not usually anything interesting that happens to or around me.

Last night, Car Guy and I went to a local family restaurant for dinner. It's one of those places that has no specialty, so everything on the menu is adequate. Not stellar, but edible. And there are too many choices. We looked at the menu for 10-15 minutes last night, trying to figure out what we wanted, before settling for lasagna and veal parmesan (don't get excited - the veal was a breaded patty). There are 2 things that are notable about this restaurant.

First, the theme. Not content with being a serviceable family restaurant, they had to take a theme and run with it. Run way, way too far. There are posters, murals, street signs, staff uniforms. I guess I should be thankful that they didn't carry the theme to the menu and have things like "Andy's Catch of the Day." The theme? The Andy Griffith Show.

Second, the placement of the smoking section was not well-thought out. The non-smoking section is definitely the majority of the restaurant, encompassing about 2/3 of the seats. But, one must walk through the length of the smoking section to get to non-smoking. Yuk! I usually hold my breath as we walk through.

I know that some of my regular reads on the 'net have gone to interesting places. Gnightgirl has some cool posts about a local place near her. How about you? What interesting independent places do you frequent?

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