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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Awww... back to work tomorrow

NaBloPoMo day 25

It's been a good Thanksgiving weekend so far. My sister and her family were in town for the holiday, Car Guy's family hasn't disowned me (as far as I know) for serving a weird T'giving meal, and I made a couple of sales at my Etsy shop. Today's the day to get back into routine for Monday. I've got a couple of things to take to the bank (hooray for Sunday hours!) and I need to hit a couple of stores for supplies for a craft fair and a birthday gift for another niece. Is is wishful thinking to hope that the stores have calmed down a little since Friday?

The fun thing Car Guy and I got to do last night was rescue his car from the side of the road. I had been at my parents' house since about lunch time, visiting, and Car Guy drove over later for dinner. He came in his latest automotive acquisition, a 1976 Lincoln Town Coupe that he and a friend picked up for $75. After dinner, he headed home, but I was in my car and was leaving a little later. About 10 minutes after he left, I got a call on my cell from Car Guy. The car had died on the side of the freeway. He thought it was the battery, because the headlights had been getting dim while we were getting dinner, and the car had perked up after he had turned the lights off. So I left my folks' and stopped on the way home to pick him up.

We drove home and got a battery out of one of the other cars, drove back to the dead one and installed the battery. Still no go. So Car Guy hopped back in my car, we drove home and picked up the gas cans to put some gas in the car. Another 10 miles back to the Lincoln, 5 gallons of gas, and it finally started. Hooray! All told, that was over an hour wasted. Groan.

Happy Birthday today to Peanut!

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