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Monday, November 26, 2007

Old Grind

NaBloPoMo day 26

Back to work. Car Guy says that I can't complain about my new placement at work for a month, so I'm trying not to be whiney about it. I don't have access to the mainframe there yet, so I can't investigate the programs. Of course, it also means that I don't have any problems assigned to me yet, either. That's good - it gives me more time during the day to update my Etsy shop.

The weekend was good - got to visit with family. My niece, Peanut, had her third birthday yesterday, while they were driving back home to Wisconsin, so we had the party on Saturday. My other niece, SteffieScissorhands, turns 5 today. And with the prep for Thanksgiving, I completely forgot to get her a card and a gift. I'll have to call out there (Colorado) today and drop something in the mail to her this evening.

Car Guy saw a deer in our yard this weekend, too. That in itself isn't unusual, despite the fact that we live in a first-ring suburb of Detroit, less than 1/2 mile from 8 Mile Road (yes, like the movie). We know there are several deer that live in the ravine in the back portion of the yard. What was unusual was that this one was a 6-point buck. Car Guy got a couple of pictures of it. They're not great because of the distance from the house (even with zoom), but you can see the deer and his rack. I'll get them from his computer and post them.

Have a great day! "See" you tomorrow!

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