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Friday, November 16, 2007

Phew! Placed!

NABloPoMo day 16

I got a placement at work! Finally!

That probably needs a little explanation. I work for a computer software and services company. They "pimp" me out to other companies that need programmers. Luckily, they have a bench policy, wherein we receive our full salary when we're between clients, unlike many other contract services companies. I was placed with a client in May, but that was only for a week. Prior to that, my last assignment ended at the end of September 2006. So I've effectively been on the bench for 13 months. While there's no official policy limiting bench time, at about a year, management starts reevaluating your skillset to determine whether they really need to keep you around.

One of the issues I've been dealing with while on the bench is avoiding reassignment to my prior client. Unfortunately, refusing an interview or assignment is a fireable offense. So I couldn't avoid being sent on an interview there. But I'd almost rather be dead than working there again. But now I don't have to worry about it.

I start Monday at my new client site. I don't know exactly what they'll have me doing, but it's in a new industry (for me) and, as far as I know, is an open-ended assignment, so I'll be there a while.

The bonus? My employer doesn't give Thanksgiving Friday as a holiday, but my new client does. So I'll have Friday off without using a vacation day.

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