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Thursday, November 1, 2007

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog

Sorry about that, folks. I had the best intentions of keeping this blog updated, but you know how that goes. Best laid plans and all that...

I also wanted this to be a place for me to make notes to myself about my jewelry and crafting, but it seems like my very little crafting time the past couple weeks has been filled with working on a Christmas gift for my Grandmother-in-Law. She very generously gave me her vintage fur coat, as she's moving from her house and needs to pare down. Car Guy and I don't usually exchange gifts with her, so I decided to surprise her with a crocheted blanket that she can use. Sounds good, except I wish I had more time to work on it. And I wish I had more time to make some new jewelry to list in my Etsy shop.

I've also been trying to stay busy with my home business. This time of year is traditionally the best time, sales-wise. If I can get my ducks in a row, I'll get bookings to carry me through the first couple months of 2008. Huzzah! It's coming together, slowly. As little discipline as I've had keeping this blog updated, I've got even less when it comes to making phone calls. Luckily, my last couple of hosts have been very motivated, with-it women. I really lucked out.

Just this morning, I saw something on one of my favorite blogs, a link to NatBloPoMo. I'm not going to sign up officially, but I'll do my best to participate. What is it? It's November! Kidding aside, it's National Blog Posting Month, and participants pledge to update their blogs at least once a day for the entire month of November. It could get a little interesting for me, as Car Guy and I are hosting Thanksgiving for his family, and I really need to spend about a week cleaning house to get ready for that.

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