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Friday, January 4, 2008

Murphy's Busy

Did you know that Murphy has a law for just about every situation? I'm assuming that you know the general one: Anything that can go wrong, will. It's been my experience, however, that there's some sort of related axiom for most common situations.

Like elevators. There are 2 rules that apply. The more commonly-encountered one is, "In a crowded elevator, the person who needs to get out first is the person in the back, farthest from the door." There's a related mini-rule that you can tell how much of a jerk a person is by whether they actually move out of the way to let the person out. The second main elevator rule is that "One will only have bad gas at work in the elevator. Especially when the other occupant of the elevator is a VP or higher."

Or blogging. "As soon as one makes a resolution to blog with some regularity, interesting things will stop happening." That's my problem. I want to keep this blog updated, but I hardly live an interesting life. And nobody wants to read "me me me" stories all the time.

What variations on Murphy's law have you experienced or seen in action? Please share!


Paradise Driver said...

My corollary is:

"Murphy was an optimist"

Lugnuts said...

Manning's Corollary:

The likelihood of it's occurrence is in direct proportion to its undesirability.