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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's really happening!

No need to pinch me, I KNOW this is happening!

I am so excited about my kitchen remodel this year, and it's actually going to happen! How do I know? Because of this:

Truck full of boxes

And this:

PT full of boxes

What is that bunch of stuff? That's several thousand dollars of kitchen cabinets from Ikea. It took Car Guy, our friend GasMan, my parents and myself over an hour to carry them into the house. The piles are HUGE!

Car Guy and I also picked out our counter tops and flooring this week. We're going with granite for the counters. I figure if I'm doing a project this big that I'm doing it big - no laminate for me! Luckily, the granite we like is one of the lower tier, price-wise. Flooring? Stranded Bamboo, which is an engineered flooring made of bamboo shreds combined with resin and formed into boards. It's harder than oak, but still looks (mostly) like bamboo.

You'll be hearing a lot about this project all year. We're doing a lot of the work ourselves to save some bucks. The things we're not qualified to do, like bricking in part of a window, will be contracted out. But Car Guy and GasMan will be handling a lot of the work themselves. I'll be an Ikea Cabinet Assembly expert by the time we're done.

Here are the details of the look so far:

Cabinet fronts, Adel Medium Brown by Ikea

Counters, granite

Flooring, stranded bamboo from Lumber Liquidators

Appliances will be stainless steel.

I'm giddy with excitement!


Elizabeth said...

I am a PC consultant too :)
Nice cabinets! Do you have a pretty big kitchen? Mine is small:( Wish we had made it a lot bigger when we built the house. Just not enough room for things in there...

chefann said...

Hi, Elizabeth!
My kitchen isn't small, but it's a terrible layout and hard to design a good one to fit because of the placement of windows and doors in the room. I'm eliminating a breakfast area, which will greatly increase the useable space in the room. As a PC consultant, you understand the need for good storage for tools and stoneware. :)
Say- are you on Chef Success? Join me over there! I've got a thread about the project, including the layout. www.chefsuccess.com

Melissa said...

I am SOOOO Jealous! Hey, so can you write this off for PC? hahaha! That would be great!