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Friday, June 6, 2008

Ramblings from Hockeytown

Hi, everybody!

(psst... Now you're supposed to respond with, "Hi, Dr. Nick!")

It's been a while, but there hasn't been much happening with me. Same ol', same ol'. When you don't leave your house most days, it's hard to find interesting things going on without just pointing to other web sources.

Car Guy has been helping a buddy with his collector car. Thin Man (the buddy) bought a mid-60s Lincoln convertible and has been fixing it up. He got it back last weekend from the body and paint guy. It looks nice, but we found a few flaws that should have been spotted before the clear coat went on. But once again, Car Guy will be over at Thin Man's house for the evening, and I'll be by myself at home.

Have you ever noticed how poorly written some spam email is? I keep seeing one subject show up in my junk folder, and it makes me giggle. It says, "Upgrade your [member]." (Yes, I'm using a romance-novel wording, so I don't show up on a search for the p-word.) Upgrade? Really? So to keep with the computer theme, are they going to tell me how to turn a software problem into premium hardware?

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