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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Better get something up here

Uh-oh. I was just linked from The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, and I figured I'd better post something so I don't look like a total slacker.

I will admit that since adding Quotes and Crummy Church Signs to my regular reading list, Car Guy and I have more fun when we drive around town. Because now we look for bad signs. Even if they don't qualify for submission on either of those 2 blogs, there are a lot of bad signs around town. Sometimes they spark a riff of quotes from The Simpsons, sometimes just a "WTF?!?" Have you seen something funny around town? Send me a pic and maybe I'll post it here.

The big news around town today is the hearing to possibly remove the mayor of Detroit from office. Despite my last post being about politics (OK, barely), I actually don't follow politics. But the hearing, which has been on one of the local stations all morning, has been strangely compelling, despite simultaneously being boring as all get-out. Most of the testimony that I caught was from an expert in contract law, discussing documents at the heart of the city council's case against hizzonor. And for once, there was actually as much drama and attempts to trip up the witness as on TV courtroom shows.

OK- on to something else.

I'm walking in a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in October. I've set a fairly ambitious goal for myself, and appreciate any and all donations. They're tax deductable and will help the American Cancer Society continue their education, awareness, research and service programs. The walk is specifically a breast cancer event, but I believe that any research and awareness programs for breast cancer will raise awareness for other cancers. There's a link in the right sidebar - please give what you can.


Walk with me


John said...

I was kind of hoping that the rest of the country didn't catch wind of the Swamy Situation. Only we Michiganders are allowed to say "typical Detroit" and shake our heads in dismay...

chefann said...

I'm going to laugh my rear off when they haul him to jail. What an utter embarrassment. And you know you're a laughingstock when your party tells you not to bother showing up to their national convention.