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Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's coming along...

I'm so happy! I not only got the 3-column layout to work (it's not a Blogger standard), but I created my own background that looks good, and lines up with my columns. Not bad, considering I don't have a decent graphics program on my computer and have to fudge things. (It's amazing what you can do in Powerpoint of all things when you need to.)

The colors are a little weird right now. So over the next day or two I'm going to be doing a little HTML diving to change them - if I can remember how to identify things so that I have different link colors in the sidebars and the posts. I'm also going to work on a header pic that will match my Etsy shop.

I did want to post a few links to sites that I used for information and how-tos:

  • The Cutest Blog on the Block, for inspiration for new backgrounds and tips on creating my own. Also for a link to an online scrapbooking site where I found links to a couple of sources.

  • Tips For New Bloggers, a link referenced by TCBOTB. That's where I found the easy to follow instructions for 3-column layouts.

  • DigiScrap Depot, a digital scrapbooking site with extensive links to free virtual papers, etc.

  • The Digital Pinay, where I found the teal "paper" for my background. (If you're looking for it, the link is in her Nov. 13, 2008 post).

  • Ziggle Designs for the beige paper, part of her Shabby Garden pack, included on the January 1, 2009 post.

  • Hex Hub, for a great site with HTML color codes. They make coordinating text and other page elements much easier.

Best of all, I can easily change things when I want to put up a seasonal look. Cool!

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