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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Even if you're not in the US, celebrate your independence today. That could be independence from debt, from tyrrany, or even just the independence to color your hair whatever color you want.

I choose to celebrate today with a little snippet of one of the many things that makes America great - the Muppets. One of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks, posted this today and I just have to share it. Pay attention to the very first seconds. Sam the Eagle makes a funny offhand remark about the "World Wide Web?" And, as always, Statler and Waldorf have to get their say in at the end.

I know my cousin will get a kick out of Beaker's part, since he's reproducing one of the most famous flute/piccolo lines in American patriotic repertoire.

But here's the big question: is the Swedish Chef a resident alien? Why else would he participate? We know he wasn't born here, since he's not the Swedish-American Chef. So he must be here on a green card, possibly studying for his citizenship exam.

While you watch, check out the slow-mo backgrounds. They're all stereotypically American things. The one I find most disturbing is the hot dog. There's something scary about a gigantic uncured sausage product looming in the background while being "enhanced" by a 50-foot tall bottle of mustard.

Without further ado, please to enjoy.

1 comment:

Marcyanna said...

LOL Awesome--I love the Muppets! Go Beaker! Wish they were still on! Thanks for posting... Happy Independence Day!

P.S. My guess is Swedish Chef MUST be a resident alien studying for citizenship... although some foreigners love America so much that they would celebrate just to say they did. We experienced that in GB. Go figure!