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Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little clarification

I feel I must clarify something from yesterday's post.

The last line includes a reference to "Post Slut." That's a term from the Chef Success forum (AKA my main time-gobbler). It refers to someone who either a) posts a lot; or b) posts a lot to get their post count up. Many internet sites use an R-rated version of the term, in which the word "Slut" is represented by another word, starting with a "W", and rhyming with the word "shore." I don't recall who on Chef Success first coined the clean version, but I think it was my good friend JR.

Over the summer, there was quite a bit of chat on the forum about Post Sluts, and eventually I made a T-shirt with the phrase, "You call me Post Slut like it's a bad thing," phrasing thanks to another friend from the forum.

And if that moniker fits anyone over at CS, it's me. With over 10,000 posts, I'm one of the most social users over there. Yeah- that's what we'll call it, being social. Not a know-it-all or a buttinsky.

Although those names fit, too.

1 comment:

Lugnuts said...

Thanks, although, I thought it was you. Doesn't matter - it really is a nicer version. I'm over 10k posts, too, but I'm still a couple of thousand behind you. You post slut, you.