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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just doing my job, ma'am

I feel like the forum cop today.

Yesterday I saw something a little un-kosher on my main semi-productive web hangout (read: forum), relating to alternate IDs. So I reported it to the admin. Then I was over at another forum that Car Guy admins, and found a topic that clearly violated the rules for posting in the area it was in. Reporting it wouldn't do much - and I could do that by just telling Car Guy about it when we both got home from work. Girding my loins for a fight from the original poster, I posted that the thread was in violation of the rules.

"It's just a quiz, not a discussion. So it's OK. You're overreacting."

"What is the inclusion of 'Report back' in your title other than an invitation to discussion?"

He got mad and locked the thread. But I got a Thank You private message from another forum member for calling the original poster on it.

And I managed to get a script working to link to active threads on my main forum! You can visit using the links on the right, under "Where else can you find me?".

Don't hate me because I'm a Post Slut.

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