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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A brush with fame... sorta...

I'm always amazed at the ways everyone is connected. Have you ever met someone who, unbeknownst to you, already had some sort of connection to you? Whether that was a mutual friend, a common interest, or a coworker in common, those little connections make life interesting. Blogging seems to create those connections, as people click on linked blogs and add them to their own favorites, but the real-life versions are, in my mind, still more interesting.

I encountered someone yesterday at my job who had those connections to me, although we didn't realize it at first. About 3 weeks ago, I started work at a new client site for my day job. That's always a tricky thing - being thrown into a new environment with its own language and ways of doing things. Monday morning when I started up my system, a software update ran, which is a fairly common occurrence in corporate America. Apparently, the upgrade broke something on my system, because I started getting error messages while trying to use some productivity software. It wasn't bad enough to render me unable to work, but it was annoying. Later that day, I submitted a help request through the online system to request installation of a tracking program on my desktop PC. Tuesday (yesterday) one of the guys on the help team called me that the software was ready to install and all I had to do was log out and back in to my desktop. I mentioned to him that I was having problems with the other software suite, and he said to submit a trouble ticket.

Still with me? This is where it gets interesting. The same tech came over to my desk to fix the software. While waiting for it to reinstall, we started chatting about this and that, and he mentioned a historic church in downtown Detroit. I commented that the choir with which I used to sing had Christmas concerts there. That did it - the connections were made. Turns out, he's also a singer. And a classical music buff. In fact, he was one of the on-air personalities (DJs) on a now-defunct Detroit classical music radio station. The additional links? One of the other DJs from that station currently directs a choir to which a friend of mine belongs. She is married to one of the managers of the car club in which Car Guy and I are active.

So that was my brief brush with semi-fame. Not earth-shattering, but a bright spot in my otherwise dreary life.


Paradise Driver said...

Wasn't that a parlor game a few years ago?

6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon

chefann said...

Sure was. I can never remember enough about movies to play it, though. And the real life version is usually more interesting.

I'm sending good thoughts your way that you're still employed.