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Monday, December 10, 2007

That busy stretch

We're into that busy stretch of the Christmas season. Not quite time to go to the big parties, but some smaller ones to attend already. There's a stack of presents to wrap sitting behind my couch, and I haven't even done any holiday baking except for a single batch of fruitcake. Friday I worked a craft fair for my kitchen tools business, and I have a show tomorrow and a vendor fair Saturday (the order deadline for Christmas delivery). So this week will be a little hairy for me, too.

There's still no word from Car Guy's family about their Christmas Eve gathering. I'm not volunteering, because I had Thanksgiving, and I always get lip from them because I don't put up a tree (no room with the birdcages in the living room). No skin off my back if there's no family dinner. I think we finished up our shopping yesterday, although I can't find one of the gift cards we bought. It probably fell out of the bag in the car and I just haven't had a chance to really look for it among the detritus. Well, and I have a gift card ordered for Car Guy - just need to get it in the mail.

This seems to be the week of wild weather. Wil over at Paradise Driver experienced blackouts from the extreme rain that hit Hawaii last week, and a lot of the midwest is ice-coated this morning. It was not fun trying to scrape off the car with no traction - my feet kept trying to slide out from under me. Please be careful as we head into winter driving conditions. Remember that it always seems to take people a couple of storms to remember how to drive in snow and ice.

Have a good one!

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The Kitchen Guy said...

Maybe you should just hang ornaments on the cages and dress Beaker in a little Santa suit.