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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So angry, I could spit

Just a rant today, people. Please bear with me.

One of my "friends I haven't met" from the internet, Angie (from Take Your Shoes Off and Chef Success) had an unfortunate incident with a credit card company this week.

A little background... Angie and I are both consultants for a kitchenwares company ("Spoiled Cook," rhymes with "Hampered Jeff"). There has been an affiliated credit card that consultants could get that had our products pictured on it and was one of the few accepted forms of payment accepted by our Home Office for some consultant purchases, like supplies. For reasons unknown, Home Office decided to change providers from Chase, to some other little bank that apparently is well known for offering credit cards to people with poor credit then jacking up the rates and fees. And this card will be the only credit card accepted for some consultant payments (we can use our proprietary debit, but sometimes it's nice to have a credit option). I'm already a little miffed that they've switched to a company that has a less than glowing reputation.

It gets worse. Angie is a military spouse, living overseas. She, her husband, and their 2 children are currently living on Okinowa. They have a military address (APO), which works exactly the same as a stateside address, as far as the US Postal Service is concerned. Angie called the new credit card company to apply for her card, and was told that she couldn't get one because they don't take applications from overseas addresses. Excuse me?!? This family is living thousands of miles away from their families and friends, serving this country and you can't give them a card because they have an APO address?

I just don't get it. There are wonderful stories about people helping the military (just check out Lori's site for primo examples), and then some total asshat of a company does something like this.

I've got one of the new cards, but damned if I'm going to use it now.

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