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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two words: Ba con.

I love bacon. So does Car Guy. In fact, while Car Guy hates reality TV shows, one of his oft-used quotes is from Top Chef. While critiquing an entry, one of the judges commented, "Two words: Ba con. If you want to make people happy, give them bacon." Last night, we were at a local restaurant having dinner. I ordered an omelet that had bacon in it, and I commented on how much bacon there was, and how good it was. I also mentioned that I usually get an omelet with ham in it. Car Guy had a great line about ham vs. bacon:

Bacon is delicious. Ham is like bacon's less popular, less tasty brother.

For some reason, that just tickled my funny bone last night. Do you have any great food lines?

Stay warm today. We've got a couple of inches of snow on the ground from overnight. I need to go dig out so I can get to a Christmas party this afternoon.

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