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Monday, February 23, 2009


I've heard from other Etsy sellers that the way to stay visible, and therefore make more sales, is to list items often. Newly listed items are shown on the Etsy homepage, and will also show up in their really cool feature known as "Time Machine." Many Etsy browsers will click on the newly listed items that catch their eye. That's a whole new group, separate from the people who know what they want and search item tags/keywords.

Yesterday I relisted some items that had expired, and finally got some new things photographed and listed, too. I think I listed/renewed 9 items.

Well, my shop visits went through the roof! I've got Google Analytics installed in my shop, and it's fun to look at the various reports. I can't see the complete story for individual visitors, but I can see that someone from Italy stopped by, or that 4 people got to my shop from online searches. I've been averaging 4 visitors a day for the past couple of weeks - yesterday I had 40. 40! And that doesn't include me, because I've excluded my IP address from the tracking.

Now, if someone would only buy something instead of just looking.

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